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Players page is continually under development so keep coming back to
 raise your Lacrosse IQ

The purpose of this page is to teach the skills of lacrosse to all lacrosse players, from those new to the sport to those with more advanced skills.
The goal is to provide an additional method of teaching the game and raising the level of lacrosse knowledge and play in another format in addition to the on field practice and coaching.

*Each participant must always abide by the following Brick Bandit rules:
1.Always show respect towards all coaches and fellow teammates. Pursuant to BBLC and US 
Lacrosse Rules, any misconduct and/or extreme disciplinary problems by a player will result in a mandatory cut from the team.No refund of registration fee will be issued.

2. Always show respect for the uniform, the organization, and the town it represents.

3. Always show respect to other teams and their coaches.

4. Always stay together as a team, do not wander off.

5. Any confrontation, either verbal or physical by a parent or player, will not be allowed during any Brick Bandits Lacrosse event. This could result with immediate suspension from the team.

6. No smoking, drugs, or use of alcohol.

7. No chewing gum during games or practices.

8. No eating during games or practices.

* For the complete code of conduct see the forms and documents page of this web site.

Know the official game rules

2013 Rules for Boys Youth Lacrosse

Youth Rules & Best Practices Guidebook

Level 1
Basic Skills

Clink on the images below to see instructional video on each topic
                                  Cradling                                                             Ground Balls                                                                   Passing
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
                                     Catching                                                                     Dodging                                                                       Shooting
Throwing Thumbnail Thumbnail
                                   Feeding                                                                         Off Ball Play                                                                Face Off
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
                   Defensive Stance and Footwork                                                   Checking                                                                   Goal Keeping
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Level 2
Advanced Skills

Clink on the images below to see instructional video on each topic
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Cradling Throwing Catching
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Ground Balls Dodging Feeding
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Shooting Individual Play Without the Ball Faceoff
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Defense Holds and Checks Goalie

 NCAA Division 1
Cornell University 

Advanced Motion Offense
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Motion Offense Long Dodge From Top Left Long Dodge From Top Right
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Dodge From Left Wing Dodge From Right Wing Dodge From  X
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Alternative Dodge Picks Alternative Dodge Shallow Cut Motion Offense VS Adjacent Slide
Thumbnail Thumbnail
Motion Offense VS Crease Slide Motion offense And Set Variations
Inside feed no second slide = GOAL!!!