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Brick Bandits Lacrosse Club

Frequently-Asked Questions

What if I am having problems with my US Lacrosse number during BYLC registration?
If your US Lacrosse number is not being accepted and your US Lacrosse membership is current (i.e., you have renewed it within the last year), then you must contact US Lacrosse directly. 
Due to an upgrade to their systems, they have had some issues noted here.  Their contact information for member services is:

Phone: 410.235.6882
Membership Services: x102
General Questions:
Membership Questions:

What if I don't remember my password?
If you don't remember your password, simply enter your email address ONLY on the Edit My Account page and the system will automatically send your password to you via email.  Do NOT set up another new account as this will result in duplicate accounts for your email address (which can cause other issues for you and the HWLax.org administrators)

How do I update my family's contact information?
View this video tutorial to see how to edit your information.

How can I view scheduled events for individuals in my family?
View this video tutorial to see how to edit your information.

Can I help?  We rely on PARENT INVOLVEMENT, please help out whenever you can!

  • Coaching
  • Snack Stand help for the Girls
  • Snack Stand help for the Boys
  • Team Manager
  • Tournament Volunteers
  • Field Coordinator for the Girls
  • Field Coordinator for the Boys
  • Planning the end-of-season picnic  

What are the Costs?       (Please make checks payable to Brick Bandits Lacrosse Club)

  • $250 for registration of 1st child.
    • $100 for registration of 2nd child
    • $50  for registration of 3rd child
    • Additional children free
    • $50 per child for registration in K-2 grade  'Learn 2 Play'
  • $50 Undated Work Bond Check per child. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the season when you have fulfilled 4 hours of volunteer time - per child.
  • $50 each child  "Learn 2 Play" for boys and girls in grades K through 2 ~ Monday Nights & Saturday Mornings

What do I need to register ?? We are ENCOURAGING ONLINE REGISTRATION!!!!

  • Upload or copy of Birth Certificate
  • Upload photo of each child
  • Registration payment (see above rates)
  • $50 UNDATED Work Bond Check - per child
  • $90 payment for each uniform  (make sure to bring shoulder pads for proper sizing !)
  • Review the NEW concussion form at www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/youth.html
  • Where and When Are Practices for Boys and Girls?  (times and days may change)
  • Place – Vets Sports Complex for girls.
  • Place - Drum Point Complex for boys.
  • In inclement weather, practices or games may be canceled. Please check your email or the website www.bricklax.com                 

Why $250 for Registration?
We do incur costs.  Referees cost upward of $140 per game.  We also incur costs for field maintenance, lining, tournaments, uniforms, practice pinnies, goalie equipment, general equipment, first aid kits, and more.
All of our coaches are volunteers, they are not paid.
Do We Fundraise?
We will be hosting a tournament this year, and we run snack stands at our home games. These activities will generate some funds for our League, but they do require volunteer help.  We are always looking for new ways to raise money for our League and volunteers to make our fundraisers a success.
Do I Need to Order Apparel?
Yes.  The uniform is your responsibility. The reversible jersey, shorts and socks are $90.00.   
Who is US Lacrosse?
US Lacrosse regulates programs throughout the country.  All US Lacrosse members play under the same rules of play.  All members receive Lacrosse Magazine from US Lacrosse and the cost is normally $25 for the year.  If you are not registered with US Lacrosse you will not be allowed to practice due to insurance reasons.
My child has never played lacrosse before. If he/she doesn't like it, can I get a refund?
If your child is not enjoying him/herself you can get a refund prior to April 1st of the current season.
The refunds will consist of: the uncashed work bond check being returned, and the 250.00 refund of the registration fee.  
Can my child practice without equipment?
No.  Because of safety and insurance we can not allow players to practice without equipment.
How will I be contacted about schedule changes or additions?
Every team will be assigned a Team Manager. The fastest and easiest way to contact Team Members is via email, so please provide an accurate email address in your registration packet. Please get in the habit of checking your email often during the lacrosse season ! 
Do We Have Meetings?
Yes, we try to meet once a month during the lacrosse season. Please check the website and your email for meeting dates and times. Your input is greatly appreciated!